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We sell and professionally install all Holiday lighting, be it residential or commercial property, custom fitting commercial grade LED lighting to each home's custom design, with a wide range of color choices.  We'll light your roof lines, rakes, eyebrows, peaks, doorways, fences, etc.  Just give us a call and we'll meet with you for a free consultation, or you if you're busy during the day, just provide us with your address and we can swing by  during the day and quickly measure your home and provide a free quote.  We offer the latest in LED lighting technology, that's built to last thousands of hours, looks great, shines bright and being waterproof, has the ability to stand up to our midwest winters for years to come.  Along with savings in bulb replacement due to the enormous LED lifespan, the LED lighting saves you a huge amount of cost on your electricity bill, which pays for itself the 1st year!  Our custom fit LED system is low to no maintenance, to relieve you the stress and hassle of worrying about your holiday lighting, so you can sit back and enjoy your custom lights.  Christmas/Halloween/Hanukkah/Autumn/etc colored lighting is available, with a multitude of ways and multi-color systems for you to choose from.  Please give us the opportunity and we'll earn your business for years to come.  Allow us to custom fit your roof & gutter line, doorways, fence, walls, landscaping, etc. and we'll be there if any problems arise, but the odds are slim to none.  If you do have a problem, just give us a call and we'll be out as quickly as possible to take care of it, so you can enjoy the holidays!

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